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We love Pizza...and we think you should too!

Papa Bear Pizza is a locally owned & operated kitchen that strives to make the finest Colorado pizzas for takeout. We have a passion for old world cooking and believe that modern American pizza is a poor representation of what was once a wonderful food!

The cost of an average pizza today is roughly the same as it was 30 years ago. To combat inflation the quality of the ingredients has dropped each year, with GMO  and chemically altered foods being the norm of the industry. Dough is typically made in commissaries and filled with additives to increase shelf life and brick ovens have given way to factory like conveyor cooking machines and microwaves.  


None of that nonsense happens in our kitchen. We make everything from scratch from the finest ingredients we can locate. We do not use sauces or toppings from a bag. We source our meats, cheeses and vegetables from the best farms, makers, importers and distributors we can find. 

We are not trying to be fancy or attempting to reinvent the wheel, we just think food should be good and wholesome, and made the way it has been made for centuries before the industrialized food movement changed the way we eat. We just want to cook like your grandmother does, it is as simple as that!

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