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Frequently asked questions

DO YOU DELIVER?  No. We are a takeout Pizza Kitchen and as such we currently do not offer delivery options.

CAN WE EAT THERE? Absolutely! We have several booths and a few tables and welcome our guests to enjoy their pie in our facility.

IS THERE SERVICE? No. While our guests are welcome to dine in, we do not provide any server or table service beyond counter service.  

HOW BIG ARE YOUR PIES? Size of pizzas are often clouded in ambiguity in the industry as many variables determine how big a pie actually is. Is the size of a pie its diameter  or the weight of the toppings and cheese or is it a combo of all the above? No one really knows!  Our Pizzas are hand stretched to the industry average large size(13-15 inches) but vary greatly on weight as some of our pizzas get near 5lbs.  

ARE YOU ORGANIC? Mostly. We pride ourselves on using only the finest ingredients, and as such we buy organic whenever available. However we also utilize a lot of European imported goods which while gmo and chemical free do not have the Organic designation since the use of modified foods are outlawed in most of Europe.  

ARE YOU EXPENSIVE? Expense is largely based on value. Compared to national chains we are priced higher, though the quality of our pizzas far surpass our competition. We work hard to keep our prices reasonable and while we may pay three to four times more for the quality ingredients we utilize our prices reflect a lower profit margin to remain cost competitive.   

YOU MAKE EVERYTHING FROM SCRATCH? Yes we do. From our dough and sauces to our meatballs and braised meats, our kitchen makes everything we sell!

DO YOU REALLY SELL OUT OF DOUGH? Yes we do. In fact we generally sell out of dough most nights of the week since we only have a limited supply. 

CAN I PRE-ORDER? Absolutely. In fact roughly half of our business are pre-orders. We take calls from 1pm on each day we are open as well as in advanced for any time and date you would like. 

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